by Dina Fanai

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released January 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Dina Fanai New York, New York

New York City based Dina Fanai has performed throughout the world as a vocalist, songwriter, composer and as a singer with the multi platinum selling arena rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Dina has written and produced for Universal and Columbia Records. She continues to produce concerts to inspire the process of peace in the world."LEGENDS" is currently being developed into a new Broadway show ... more

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Track Name: Brand New Kind Of Love
we turned around
and It all just fell apart
guess we all fall down sometimes
on the way

maybe what was missing
was never really there
it's what we can't see thats here
like the wind in the trees
and the angels i hear that watch you and me

we live and we feel and we cry and we fall
we bleed, but we know
we are holding up the vision
of a brand new kind of love

there's no turning back
we'll never be the same
i see it in your eyes
and feel it in mine
this magic we hold
between you and i

we'll rise together
this love will never die
so let's on shine
Track Name: Everything To Me
If you need to know where I am
Just look to the ocean
Endlessly I have moved through your soul
So in this moment close your eyes
It is here that you will feel me rise up

I live in every tear that falls
I hear your voice calling
I breath in every dream you dream
So remember to believe
You are everything to me

If you need to question your faith
Please know I'm alright
If you could only see all I see
It would be your love that still guides me
The one light that keeps me alive

I don't need anything
I am at peace
But if you could give me just one gift
It'd be once again to let your spirit sing

I live in every tear that falls
I hear your voice calling
I breath in every dream you dream
So remember to believe

You are everything to me
Track Name: Beautiful
we've all been afraid
all felt alone
looking for an answer
i sit and write this song
as these words keep coming strong

you are beautiful to me
it's the light that shines through your eyes
you are beautiful to me
for all that you are
for coming this far
holding tight to your faith through this storm
it's just the flight of an innocent heart

we've all felt not good enough
looking for a reason
to believe we'll make it through
remembering the truth


let these waves crash on me
i am strong
i am free
Track Name: Winter
winter calls
i am wrapped in, it's so deceivingly warm
i've fallen on your mystery
I'm resting with the ghost's I see
on this bed of ice

holding on for more time
and wanting to know you
who are you? who are you?

are you waiting to fly?
i am here waiting to fly

in a frozen fantasy
are you thirsty? secretly torn?
i hear a river running free
but it's far to down for me to breath
and it's getting cold

do you feel too much
and could you believe in something?
believe in you
i do

are you waiting to fly
i am here waiting to fly

i am far more scared
not to live, not to love, not to cry, not to share all that's inside
and i would rather die
then not to touch not to try not to care not to feel and stay right here
are you there? are you there?
i am here waiting to fly
i am here waiting to fly
Track Name: Logical Song
when i was young it seemed that life was so wonderful
a miracle, it was beautiful, magical
and all the birds in the trees they'd be singing so happily
joyfully, playfully watching me.

but then they sent me away, to teach me how to be sensible
logical responsible practical
then they showed me a world where i could be so dependable
clinical, intellectual, cynical

there are times when all the world's asleep
the question runs so deep for such a simple man
won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
i know it's so absurd
please tell me who i am

i said, now watch what you say they'll be calling you a radica
a liberal, a fanatical criminal
won't you sign up your name we'd like to see if you're acceptable, respectable, a presentable vegetable
Track Name: God Is Alive
Flowers still bloom in the springtime
Raindrops still make them grow
Autumn still follows the summer
A child still wishes for snow

Old folks grow tired and leave us
but each day new babies arrive
Someone makes all of this happen
It's so clear that God is alive

Children still grow up to be soldiers
and wars still breed hared and fear
but wars are started by people
That just don't believe God is here

Somehow some still deny him
They say that God is dead

Yet man has come and man has gone
and still his world lives on and on
His love will survive
Yes God is alive
Track Name: Love Will Find It's Way
1000 ways, 1000 smiles
1000 tears, 1000 tries
breath with me
another hope, another child
in a moments ride
and so it’s you

every path you take inside
there’s so much to realize
then the doorways open wide
and love will find it’s way

love will find it's way
love will always find it's way

endless dreams and empty nights
here we live, here we die
so breath with me
leaps of faith and compromise
we fall, we rise again
and so it’s you

we dance in perfect time
finding patience in each sigh
then the doorways open wide
and love will find it’s way


between all colors and all footprints in the sand
the traces of each soul and the struggle of each man
the journey of the spirit and it’s freedom on this land
breath with me
Track Name: On
Could it be the way you look
The way you smile
Could it be the secrets that we shared in the night
Could it be the way you hold me that feels so right
That's when darkness turns into light

Love goes on
It carries on
Like the endless sea you're forever in me
and our love will go on

Could it be the way I feel your every tear
Could it be the sound of your voice that I long to hear
Could it be the way I always want you near
and hold every moment so dear

Love goes on
It carries on
Like the endless sea you're forever in me
and our love will go on

Deep in my heart there's a place I can go
Where I find you and know that I am never alone
Track Name: I Believe
Let's speak of hope
I have felt it deep inside
I have seen it in a baby's eyes
and it's what keeps me moving on

Let's speak of faith
I have held it in my heart
I have felt it in a touch
and It's what keeps me holding on

Love, I believe in love
Life, I believe in life
I believe in you and me

Let's speak of grace
I have let it lead the way
and this light I've seen so strong
It is what keeps us shining on


I am just a simple voice
In this moment of time
Sharing this song with you
and I sing this song for you

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